SVP - Society of St Vincent de Paul

For the past 90 years our parish branch (or conference as it it properly known) of the SVP has been seeking, in the words of the founder of this international lay organisation, 'to help those who are suffering, by person-to-person involvement'. We make hundreds of visits a year to families and to those who are ill or housebound. We give financial assistance when appropriate and do whatever we can to help over short or long periods. To do our work adequately we need more members.

If you are interested in helping, even to make just one visit a fortnight, please contact us by completing the form below or ringing the Presbytery and you will be put in touch with a member of the conference .

Contact : 020 8946 0305.

Email Address:

IN NEED OF HELP?  please contact the Presbytery on 020 8946 0305 and ask for SVP. A member of SVP will contact you in complete confidence.