Confirmation Sacred Heart Church 2019

We are still welcoming volunteers to run the course. 

Sunday 10 Feb                        Information session for parents 6:15pm Upper Hall
Sunday 3 March                     Week 1    3:30 pm       Upper Hall
Sunday 10 March                    Week 2    3:30         Upper Hall
Sunday 17 March                    Week 3    3:30          Upper Hall
Saturday 23rd March             Week 4    -Reconciliation Prayer Experience (Timed 1 hour slots, in Lower Hall)
Sunday  31 March                   Week 5     3:30      Upper Hall
Sunday 28th April                  Week 6    5:00       Upper Hall
Sunday 12th May                    Week 7     5:00       Upper Hall
Sunday 9th June                    Week 8     3:30       Upper Hall
Thursday 4th July                  Rehearsal-  7:15 pm  Church
Saturday 6th July                     Confirmation Mass at 10:00 am
Sunday  7th July 5:00 pm       Confirmation Mass at  5 pm

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