Children's Liturgy:
Sundays 10 am Family Mass 

At the Sacred Heart Church, we run a wonderful Children’s Liturgy Programme. We are very lucky to have an incredibly creative and dedicated team of volunteers whose goal is to make the Liturgy of the Word an enjoyable and interactive experience for the children. Our feedback from the children (and from parents who attend the Doves group) has been extremely positive – in particular, children seem to love the opportunity for lively discussion.

We are organised into  two groups: 
1. Doves: for children up to school year 2. The children leave the church and process to the lower hall and MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian
2. Eagles: for children in year 3 and above. These children go to the lounge and are accompanied by the Catechists.

You are asked to come into the church at the beginning of mass when the priest will invite the children (and parents for year 2 children) to come up to the altar rails for a blessing after which  they will process to the halls.  The children return to church during the Offertory procession. 
After a long break we are delighted to welcome the children back, we will resume on September 12th during the 10.00am mass ; the rest of the dates are as follows:
2021                                        2022
September12th and 26th          January 9th and 23rd 
October 10th and 17th              February 6th and 27th.            
November 7th and 21st.            March13th and 27th
December 5th and 19th.            April 24th
                                                      May 8th and 22nd
                                                      June 12th and 26th
                                                       July 10th

Please bring your children along. 
Any changes in these arrangements will be published in the Parish Newsletter.

For further information, please contact Elizabeth at


We are very much looking forward to seeing the children again!