Rules for Giftaid 

Charity events

If you sell tickets to an event you’ve organised, eg a concert or fundraising dinner, payment does not qualify for Gift Aid. Even if the ticket price is higher than the cost of the event, the money made from ticket sales counts as profit and not a donation.

To qualify for Gift Aid, a payment must be a voluntary donation and not be a compulsory payment for attending an event.

Minimum donation payments don’t qualify for Gift Aid. But if someone chooses to pay more than the minimum donation, the extra amount paid qualifies for Gift Aid.

If you set a ticket price for an event and also ask for a suggested donation, the donation is eligible. You must make it clear to people buying a ticket that they can attend without making a donation, but you mustn’t give preference to those who do give a donation.

If you arrange a ‘donation only’ event where people can attend whatever they decide to give (including making no donation), then all donations would qualify for Gift Aid.