Here at Sacred Heart Parish we are passionate about our community being welcoming to young people.

    We want to provide opportunities for the youth, so that they can enjoy themselves, have fun, and be active members of the community.

    We are always looking to add volunteers to our list, who can help make these groups possible. Please feel free to contact Reception

    Planning is underway for 2017 and information will be accessible here shortly.


    Liturgy of the Word for children at 9.45 am Sunday Mass
    The Directory for Masses with Children tells us that, in Masses with adults, it is necessary to take great care that the children present do not feel neglected because of their inability to participate or to understand what happens and what is proclaimed in the celebration.

    For this reason the children have their own Liturgy of the Word every other Sunday. This is following the guidelines issued by the Bishops of England & Wales where they say that the Liturgy of the Word can happen

    1. In a separate place
    2. In the church as part of Sunday Mass
    3. Alternating both of these.

    The children’s Liturgy of the Word follows the same format as the one in the Church. It includes an introduction to the Gospel, a Gospel acclamation, a simplified version of the Gospel, a homily and some kind of appropriate activity to help break open the gospel. The children then rejoin the assembly for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

    Therefore we need to remember that

    • The leader of the children’s Liturgy truly is a Minister of the Word
    • What the children celebrate is a real liturgy where they learn to listen to the Word and respond in prayer and silence. It is not catechesis.
    • We bring the children out to help them deepen their appreciation of the Word of God, not to contain them or give the adults some time of peace.
    • Any activity that takes place is to be for the sole purpose of explaining the Gospel message.

    The children are divided into three groups:

    • 6 years and under
    • 7 to 9 years old and
    • 10 to 13 years.

    We are always in need of new leaders and assistants, so if you feel you could offer this ministry contact the co-ordinator Christine de Lima via the Presbytery.