Landings - Coming back to the church

Catholic and have lost touch?
Welcome to Landings!

A Landings group meets for about an hour and a half, weekly for eight weeks. The final gathering is a special time of prayer, reconciliation and celebration.

A course for those who wish to return to the Church, based on the belief:

- That we can speak openly about what we believe, share our faith, and learn from one another.
- That we can do this in small groups made up of both active Catholics and those who wish to return to the Church.
- That the road home is worth taking and often most rewarding when journeyed with other travellers.

A Landings meeting means listening - and being listened to. It offers time and space to explore afresh where God has been in our lives - and where He is now, in us, in others, and in today's Church.

Landings is not the 'saved' welcoming the 'sinner', nor people pressurising others: it is not full of glib answers. Rather it is an opportunity to come home and be reconciled: it works because it is straightforward, unthreatening and honest, and open to everyone who would like the company of friends on their way back to the Church. We need the Church - and the Church needs us.

For further information on Landings and how it operates in this parish,
do contact Sr Dorothy:
or telephone them on 020 8946 0305.
Sacred Heart Presbytery, Edge Hill, Wimbledon SW19 4LU.

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