Our Vision Statement

The Sacred Heart Parish is where we pray and work for the Kingdom of God as a welcoming, open and inclusive community.

Where sharing God’s unconditional love and living His Word truly becomes the centre of our lives and the source of hope for all.

We come together to celebrate the Eucharist, learn, support each other, and pray.

So that we may be empowered to live as Christians, love others, proclaim our faith and look forward to eternal life with God, Our Father in Heaven.

History of Sacred Heart

A monument on the south wall of the church to its foundress, Edith Arendrup, justly proclaims: “It was through her Christian vision that this parish of the Sacred Heart came into being; it was through her generosity the church was built.” Edith Arendrup was a member of the wealthy Courtauld family.

She came to live in Wimbledon in 1877 at a time when there were few Catholics in the area and persuaded the Jesuits at Roehampton to start a Mass-centre at her house in Cottenham Park. Only seven years later she decided to have a large church built in a prominent position on the slopes of Edge Hill. She commissioned a young architect, Frederick Walters, to design it in the late Decorated Gothic style.

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Church History Guide
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